Artist statement

I studied painting at University of Fine Arts, Budapest Hungary where I made MFA in 2004 and received my DLA degree in 2009. I keep painting but I am also interested in new technologies (analogue or digital) and new media. Recently I show installations, photography, video and site specific multimedia installations in white cubes and public spaces as well.

Although the compositions and components of my works are visually modest, most of them refer to religious, scientific, or cultural narratives. I often investigate the artistic use of basic visual elements and the visually clear systems of geometry.
I am fundamentally interested in themes related to religious narratives and beliefs, and frequently gain inspirations from the great pieces of the historical Christian art and its iconography. My works refer to religious topics or have strong references to discourse on the transcendental.
An other field is nature I am so engaged with. The main four elements many times play strong role in my art, but I work usually with light, water, fog, and investigate the nature of the reflection and of light in diverse spaces.

My aim is to create new space, new time and new experience. To do it so, I use simple geometrical forms or cultural symbols. I stage them by light, and offer the option for visitors to observe, experience and pass through the space I created. In these terms light is my main material.

My video works are usually just one footage and often looped. Thery are slow, invite for meditation. These videos and video installations refer to Biblical and Christian narratives and themes such eternity, redemption, and immortality.

Developing and building these videos and site specific installations I make an attempt to connect the space with the artwork and with the audience. Sometimes I had the chance to install my works in spaces as church, which provided a certain spiritual and religious context to the work, but sometimes the artpiece itself transforms the noisy public space to be a space of meditation. The illuminated body of a human, or a huge sphere are simple compositions but differ in many ways from the everyday experience. The audience has a chance to perceive and interpret these images also in a different way. The endless columns in the forest contradict to the knowledge about the order of things, it needs the open mind to live through the space transformed by my art. As light is the main material, my works are also intreactive. Audience do not only observe but interact very often with the artworks in these new spaces.

I consider collaboration as medium too. Our collaborative artworks are conceptualised, developed and build together with other artists. This process offers so many inspirations, the communication with other artists produces so many new ideas. This dialogue is one of the most creative processes in the artmaking, which has a really strong impact on my own solo works.